Thursday, November 19, 2009

108 Sun Salutes? Easy!

This Sunday 15th Nov I did (along with another 440 yogis) 108 Sun Salutes as part of the international Yoga Aid Challenge. You can still donate here!
I got there at 6:30 to help set up. Eep!
Here's Team Shiny Yoga - we raised over $1300 together!!!
And we're off! All these forward folds gave me sore sore legs!One down dog done, 107 more to go...MC Yogi rocks the house/park/mat... What a view! Michelle & Stella & the Opera House!
Mieko and Stella : we did it!
Yes, we really did! With 440 others!
Monica, Daphne, Michelle, Stella, Lucy - hot and sweaty and power fundraisers!
Coolest T Shirt of the day!!!
My volunteer buddy and old Lululemon friend, Lucy Picture perfect - made it all the more easy to get out of bed and into the sunshine. Thanks Sydney!


jamieonthemat said...

Congratulations! Looks like you had a gorgeous day. What a great event.

Kristin said...

Woot! What fun for a good cause. The bright sun makes everything look warm and inviting - a great day to do sun salutations.

Melita said...

congrats! you. are. awesome. seriously, you rock girl!! hugs!!

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