Monday, October 19, 2009

Are you after a Yoga bag?

I love my yoga mat bag. It's so handy to fling my strap, eye pillow and mat all in the one bag, toss it over your shoulder and off you go. But finding a good one can be hard!! One of my students has come to the rescue and this crafty little miss is not only an artist, but a fabulous gem on the sewing machine! You can check out Emily's store right here online - or you can drop her an email. Tell her I said hi : )


Mandy said...

Stella, Thanks for coming and checking out Yoga Addicted. I love your blog...oh so shiny and fun:)

thewindhover said...

Lovely lady, I'm glad you love your yoga mat and that its still going strong! I miss your classes, and you in general. Thank you for the kind words x

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