Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Words from a Wise Woman

time and time and time again, i am learning, that the more control i try to have, the less i actually do. and the more i cling, the more i actually lose grip. the more i try to fix, the messier it gets. this letting go stuff.... it's hard, huh? when i feel that urgency to step into control mode, i know that is the very time i need to take a breather, let the emotions settle, and find what's really behind it all. for me, 9 times out of 10, it all comes down to fear. fear of being hurt, fear of being left, fear of being seen as someone other than i really am, fear of failure, fear of danger, fear of letting somebody down, fear of losing love...
The wonderful Jen Gray has a most gorgeous, inspiring, colourful and vibrant website from where she shared the above thoughts. And when I came across this post today I got a grin on my face because right now I am noticing just how attached I am to certain things in my life. I am seeing very clearly just how much I like things a certain way and when they change, how much discomfort I experience. The Buddha tells us that suffering is inevitable, and that all suffering is caused by ATTACHMENTS in our world - to thoughts, people, places, things.
This comes up all the time for us in our day to day lives but often we don't catch it, these little habits/samskaras. So take a moment today to listen - really listen - to your body. FEEL what happens when something occurs that is a little out of your comfort zone. Do your shoulders start to creep up to your neck? Does your jaw immediately clench up? Perhaps you're finding that your breath becomes very light, very shallow, and sits all the way up in your chest?
These are the very clear signs that tell us we are in a) danger (ie fight or flight) or b) facing something that is not entirely comfortable/familiar. Remember, sometimes it is healthy and fun to travel beyond your comfort zones, but first we need to know what it is that is holding us back from even acknowleding this is where we are.
So this week, friends, take the time to listen to YOU and to discover! Namaste x

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ailin said...

Hey, i want to say thankyou for this beautiful space you have, i am always left inspired and with a positive frame of mind after i read the things that you write and share.

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