Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hot Yoga here we come!

"There I was on the mat last night in a hot yoga class. It feels like your in a greenhouse with all the windows closed, and you can cut the humidity with a knife. It felt like 100 degrees. Did I mention I don’t like hot yoga? Just the thought irritates me. It gets sticky, it gets slippery, the sweat pours down my face and while I’m trying to “embrace” the pose, all I can think of is I need my towel to wipe this downpour off and where is my energy drink?!? Well thats how it felt when I first tried hot yoga. It has become less intimidating and the heat actually can be comforting especially when its mid January and there is 10 feet of snow outside the door." YogaHeals Hello Spring! It's been a really warm past couple of weeks and as Spring, then Summer sets in, it's going to get even warmer. I remember how I used to find it SO UNCOMFORTABLE in the the Summer yoga classes at a studio I used to go to. Sydney summers get very muggy and I just couldn't understand why they WOULDN'T TURN ON THE DARN AIR CONDITIONER WHEN THE REMOTE WAS RIGHT THERE! I MEAN, SERIOUSLY! And yes, I felt so strongly that it just has to go in capital letters. But then I discovered Hot Yoga - quite by accident. I had tried a class a 30 degree heated class, and spent most of it in childs pose just trying to breathe. Sheesh - it was hard. I just couldn't breathe in deep enough - and I was dizzy from the heat, I abhored the sweat dripping off me, and as I walked out I was very much of the opinion, Thanks but no thanks! Then I got accepted into the Power Yoga teacher training course and didn't think twice - until I showed up at the training and realised it was all going to be in a heated room. That is, 7 days of being in a heated room. 7 days of practicing, learning and DOING yoga for hours at a time - in a horrid heated room. GULP! Talk about a steep learning curve! But then something miraculous happened. On about the 3rd day, the heat didn't bother me so much. I no longer felt like I was gulping in hot, thick air, all-consuming and heavy, and could actually breathe normally. And... could that be... was it that I was actually enjoying practicing in this ridiculously hot room with 60 other sweaty, dripping bodies? Yes.. it was true. I had become a person that actually (gasp!) enjoys practicing in heat! From then on I was transformed. I no longer minded the drip drip drip of sweat that was coming from ME! In fact, I looked forward to it. I didn't mind the drip drip drip of sweat coming from my neighbour either! And mind you, that totally, absolutely grossed me out at first. Ha! I suppose doing hands-on adjustments on a person who looks and feels like they've just gone for a quick swim makes you get over these kind of things pretty quickly ;) So when I came home, I went straight back to the heated studio I'd tried out earlier and signed up. I was hooked. At last, I'd found my new studio 'home' - power vinyasa in a beautiful, warm, flexibility-enhancing room! So as we enter this hot, sticky time of year again, it was very fitting to read the above website post from Yoga Heals. It took me right back and I laughed out loud remembering my first few experiences of yoga in a heated room! Personally, Bikram isn't for me - not the heat, but the style and the (non) flow. But that's the joy of yoga - that there are so many different types for you to choose from. So go out and experience it, fellow yogis! Look at it as a challenge - the first noble truth tells us that Life is Suffering, so don't be afraid of a little discomfort - but rather look forward to the growth you can experience by stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be amazed at your inner strength : ) Namaste x


Yoga Heals said...

Hello fellow Yogi!

I want to thank you for quoting my blog post here on your awesome blog! May you have a blessed and love filled day! Lets keep in touch.

love and light
Piera aka Travelling Yogi ;)

jerz25 said...

this blog is great!

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