Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keeping Yr Sanity in Insane Times

The joys of the net mean that there are fabulous inspiring articles and knowledge out there, right at your fingertips! Ashley over at Glam Spirit shared a great article this week, about Keeping Your Mental Sanity - something close to the front of my mind right now, especially as things are sooo busy!
Take a moment and read her fabulous tips, below!
Keeping Your Mental Sanity We’re living in very stressful times. Overtime, double shifts, multiple jobs, oy! All these are not just extras anymore. We’re overworked, underappreciated, and going insane! People tend to pay more attention to their physical health rather than their mental health. Take these steps to ensure you keep your sanity.
Meditate Once a day, everyone needs a little breathe time. From the time we wake up until we go to bed we’re constantly working or worrying. At least 5 minutes of the day needs to be reserved to a worry-free and clear mind. Your commute before work is a perfect time for this. Shut off your cell for 5 minutes. If your boss calls, say you were in a tunnel. Picture a calming and pleasant scene, and let your mind drift from work to reminiscing about your last great vacation. You’ll learn to relish these minutes you have to yourself.
Tidy It Up A gray cubicle with filing cabinets and piles of papers surrounding you isn’t good for your mental health; in fact, it’s quite oppressive and depressing. Decorate your workspace with pictures of loved ones, inspirational quotes, and anything that would bring you joy. Brighten up your work space with fresh flowers, and look for desk furniture at places like Target that are geared for young adults.
Do Good It’s true. Doing good for others really affects your health. You feel better about yourself, and it gives you higher self esteem which almost everyone could use more of. Go on websites like to find a local charity that needs you. Limit stimulants Most people can’t go through a day without some added stimulant. Keep in mind, stimulants like caffeine cause irritation and agitation, as they also have an addictive quality. If you absolutely need caffeine to get through the day, don’t have any after 2pm. This way it won’t affect your evening or your sleep. Play Hooky Remember in college when you over indulged a little too much? Sometimes that 8:30 class was skipped the next day. Well now, you’ve over indulging in work and you need a mental health day. Go in for a half day or if you can, take the whole day off. Take this well deserved mini-break as a chance to do whatever you want: work out, veg out, catch up with friends etc. Just don’t make it a weekly habit. Save it in case of emergencies.
xx, Ashley Morgan


Bee said...

Thanks for posting this list! It's true that it's the little changes you make to your day that all add up to make a big difference to your outlook.

I think I can feel a mental health day coming on... :-)

Sharper said...

I need to be reminded to have my mental health in check daily! I keep forgetting to take time out for myself and enjoy it.
Glad to find this!

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