Friday, July 24, 2009

Find Your Soul Mat

The kind folks at Manduka are offering all Shiny Yoga readers 20% of ANY ITEM in their online store until August 1, 2009. Pretty cool huh?

All you need to do is head to, pick out the item of your choice and enter the code HEALTH20. I want one of these. Or these. I'm a sucker for a cute bag ;)

God bless Manduka, as their products are all eco-friend and zero-waster (yay environment) which goes to explain the $$ price tag. No, the stuff here isn't cheap but it's amazing quality. That same train of thought goes with my Lululemon gear - eep, not cheap but I've got a pair of yoga pants from there that are a good 3 years old, which I've worn them weekly (rolling around on the ground, stretching, washing..) and still look great.

Thanks Manduka!

1 comment:

Sharper said...

Their stuff is so cute! Too bad I'm at a spot where shopping is off limits right now. I would so buy some cute stuffs there!

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