Saturday, July 04, 2009

Body Mind Life

It can prove a battle trying to find the time to practice as a student. I hear it over and over again - that there's just not enough hours in the day. And true - we can all practice our yoga whether on the mat or not, but for me, my body and mind just get it when I step on the mat. All the fuzz in my head just disappears, the stress in my realm just leaves, and I just am. But between a full time job with a lot of over-time, teaching yoga part-time, and then living around that, I don't get on the mat as a student nearly as often as I like. Which is why I was absolutely blissed out when I made it to a couple of classes as a student at Surry Hills Body Mind Life studio this past week, with a dear friend, and had one of the best classes I've had in a long time!
Some days your body balances, flies, floats, the planets all align and the perfect teacher guides you through a breathtaking practice - this is what happened when I stepped into the Power Basics class on Thursday evening. For those who've not tried it, Body Mind Life is a vibrant studio in the middle of the city, right near Central Station, with a beautiful big heated room to practice in. Having not been a fan of heated yoga prior to this year, I missed out on some of the amazing teachers they have - but better late than never.
The room is not as hot as a Bikram practice, but the classes here (especially the power and vinyasa) are nice and flowing so you really warm up quite a lot - hint, be sure to have a towel with you! You will sweat! But the flow of the sequences ensures you're not just focussed on the heat - something I feel that lacks in Bikram.
Michael was the teacher who led our Thursday evening Power Basics class and let me say it, Mike - you rocked it! This class was truly fabulous.. catering for all levels, he had a smile in his voice and explained the poses so well. We started off with some pranayama, then worked through the strong power sequence, and just when we thought we couldn't take it anymore, he'd make us crack into a smile and his amazing uplifting energy converted me - I can't wait to go back next week : )
I followed this up with a fabulous fluid Vinyasa class on Sunday evening with Andrew, and again my heart was singing. As much as yoga is physical, it is a mental/spiritual practice as well and Andrew really bought these elements together in class. Plus, a teacher who talks about peppermint magnums is a teacher I'd like to come back too! ;)
As a teacher myself, I know how challenging it can be to teach a large room full of students at different levells, but both Michael and Andrew made it look (and sound) like a walk in the park. THANK YOU for a gorgeous practice that made me remember why I love yoga so much.
Deets: Body Mind Life studio in Surry Hills is on Foveaux St,

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Sounds like you ♥ the teachers! :P

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