Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Yoga Smorgasboard

Today I tried by first Bikram yoga class - truthfully, not too hot compared to what I was exepcting, as I think my power yoga training and those 5 hour yoga sessions prepared me well! However, if you're new to yoga - perhaps stepping into a hot hot hot room of 38 degrees for the very first time ever would turn you off the practice for good! Oh the other hand, maybe a more meditative practice is going to be too boring for you. The good news is that there are so many different traditions of yoga, and different styles within each of those traditions - and then again, different teachers within each of those styles. Really - if one class doesn't suit you, try and try and try again - it could change your life. But where to start? There's a great article on Yoga Journal that you should take a peak at to give you a bit of an idea of what's out there. But really, I can't suggest strongly enough to just get out there and try it. Further, there is no one way to get into yoga - read about some ways people got into the practice here, at Daily Cup of Yoga. So - have I convinced you yet? Go yogis, go! I promise you, yoga has the power to change lives. : ) Now tell me, how did YOU get into yoga, and what practice floats your boat?
Looking forward to hearing the stories!
x stella


Melita said...

i tried bikram for the first time a month or so ago. i didn't hate it, but i don't do well in heat (i mean THAT much heat). unfortunately, i didn't make it through a whole 1 1/2 hr class. i only made it through an hour and 10 minutes. so, the stubborn headed girl that i am, i will eventually go back - just to finish one whole class :)

Bee said...

Hi Stella, I think you make an excellent point about just getting out there and trying different types of yoga. I began with a very slow, very meditative type of yoga when I was 20, loved it, and then tried other types. When I'm feeling quiet and introspective I normally take a Classical or Satyananda class, but if I'm feeling active and wanting to be challenged I go to Iyengar. Haven't tried bikram yet...can imagine the mat would get pretty slippery!


mangotree said...

Like Bee I tried a slow very meditative type of yoga when I was 20, but I hated it. I was bored and felt cold and only went to the class 3 times and gave up. The teacher was kind of cute and it seemed like many of the girls were there just so they would get a hug at the end of the class.
Then two years ago (and 13 years after my first yoga class) I started taking pilates yoga in order to find some stress relief. Soon I realised I like real yoga more than the weird pilates mix and started reading up on it, taking other classes, and then I found astanga, and have been doing it since almost a year, really loving it. I have tried some Iyengar aswell, I like it also, but there are no regular Iyengar classes available where I live and I also feel like astanga is my thing right now.
Haven't tried Bikram, I think it may not be for me, as I tend not to do well in really hot and humid climate

Amanda said...

Hi Stella,

I've not tried Bikram, although I'd like to. However, I'm not sure that, living in a for what most of the year is a very hot climate, that I need anymore heat in my life.

As I write this, it's 2 degrees outside and I am worshipping the desert winter that makes living here bearable.

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