Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winter Yoga & Tea Workshop

Two of my fave things - a beautiful strong yoga practice, and yummy hot tea in winter. So why not combine the 2 of them? That's exactly what I've done and now YOU must come and enjoy the winter in this fabulous workshop:

Winter Yoga & Tea workshop @ Newtown Fitness First Saturday July 4 @ 1pm – 3:00pm Enjoy a delicious & mindful yoga practice accompanied by steaming cups of yummy complimentary tea to warm the heart this July. Indulge in chai tea to warm the body up, sip on peppermint tea to cool things down, and let chamomile tea wind your practice down as you enter a beautiful restorative meditation. Cost: FREE for Fitness First members however bookings are essential to shinyyoga@gmail.com $20 for non-members. Open for all levels. Location: Newtown Fitness First (330 King St)

COME ALONG! Book in now! xo


Melita said...

do i ever wish i lived near you!!! i'd so be there. i love yoga and i love tea, it would be perfect for me!!

yogiclarebear said...

wonderful! we usually always have tea after my wednesday night class. but it is summer here, so when the weather is nice we go outside by the river now. enjoy your yoga tea! :)

Anonymous said...

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