Friday, June 26, 2009

This week I'll commit to...

an artist date with a friend.
Even though yoga was traditionally practiced one on one with a teacher, most of us in the West practice yoga in a group. Still, side by side on our mats, it is a solo practice - moving in and out of poses with our own breath guiding us (especially in a vinyasa class).
When we paint, draw, sew or write - again, it's a solitary practice. Yes, it might be for the enjoyment of others, indeed it may be inspired by others - but we sit to do these things on our own.
Hence I was very inspired to read this great idea of an artist date with a friend on the gorgeous blog, Wish Studio. It encourages you to follow yr passion but to do it with a friend. The writer went on a photo date with their partner, and then created diptychs (dual photos side by side) to share their day.
I love this idea!!!
In fact, this week, I'm committing to asking a friend out on an artist date and will soon post the results here. I love how two people can look at exactly the same thing and see something different - here's to individuality!
Would you be interested in joining me on this challenge?


Mitzi Zohar said...

I love this idea! I'll have to post the invitation on my blog.

thewindhover said...

Such a brilliant idea - I love it!

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