Monday, May 11, 2009

shiny yoga* AUTUMN NEWSLETTER ‘09

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us” – Joseph Campbell
NAMASTE fellow yogis! Welcome yogis! It’s getting colder so it’s the perfect time of year to indulge in some heart warming yoga sequences and a strong practice which helps to build ‘tapas’ (fire in the belly). What’s so good about the heat? Apart from keeping oneself snug in the cool weather, heat is great to build flexibility in the body, so keep coming to class : ) Earlier in the year (February) was when I did some more teacher training, it was a course with world-renowned yoga teacher, Baron Baptiste, who had his first visit to Australia. He teaches a style of yoga called Power Flow Yoga and it’s very dynamic and wonderful – it’s all about finding your own power in your practice, and while it is practiced in a heated room, it can be practiced in a room at normal temperature, and this month I’ll be sharing the Power Yoga sequence with you all to help assist in building that toasty heat and discipline in the body. Food for the MIND… What am I watching at the moment? The DVD that has absolutely changed my view on nutrition and how we heal ourselves is FOOD MATTERS. The DVD is available for everyone to purchase at Iku Wholefoods (all over Sydney) or you can watch the trailer at In a word, AMAZING. And while we’re living the theme of POWER in our classes this month, this dvd is a perfect fit. We most definitely have the power to shape our own lives by what we ingest in them – what gives us energy, what depletes our resources, what makes us happy or cranky – it all comes back to food and fuel. Let food be thy medicine indeed! Food for the SOUL… What am I listening to right now? The music gig highlight of the year for me so far was definitely Bon Iver, so those coming to my classes will still be hearing his beautiful tunes on the mat! Related to this, Dark Was The Night is a wonderful 2 disc compilation featuring not only Bon Iver but many other musicians (Feist, The National, Sufjan Stevens.. many of whom I’ve played in class!) with all proceeds going towards finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Speaking of Charity Fundraising, some of you came along to my Yoga Under the Trees outdoor class recently, to raise money for the Africa Yoga Project. My friend Diana is currently in Nairobi, working to build a school with funds raised for the project, and also teaching orphans yoga. You can read a letter from Diana about all she’s been up to and where YOUR donations are making a difference, on my website. THANK YOU for your support : ) Some of Diana’s letter Hi everyone! The dust has settled and I am here in Nairobi - Let me give you a run down on what we have been up to! We were staying in a beautiful sanctuary on the outskirts of Nairobi, a great place for us to get to know each other. The days however were spent in the centre of town at a place called Sarakasi, meeting with the students of the boot camp. We then traveled in small groups with some of the students to where they live. The slum area of Nairobi is confronting to say the least. No electircity, open sewage and garbage are the norm. We spent an afternoon playing with the children, teaching yoga, and meeting the parents of participants. The next morning we had another safari trip and a visit to a different Masai Village. AYP is sponsoring Masai orphans from these villages. Paige and Baron (Baptiste) offcially opened the new AYP school and we sang and ate bbq goat to celebrate!... Food for the BODY… Come along to a class! I’m doing a number of yoga covers over the next week and would love to see you there. And on yr way to class, why not pick up a super green smoothie? (I promise you, they taste yummy! And they’ll keep you healthy in the cold weather!) Tuesday 12 May – 7:45pm @ Kings Cross Fitness First Friday 15 May – 6:45pm @ Kings Cross Fitness First Sunday 17 May – 3pm @ Randwick Fitness First (1.5 hrs) + 5pm @ Kings Cross Fitness First (1.5hrs) Tuesday 19 May – 7:45pm @ Kings Cross Fitness First ** And I’m still assisting in classes at Samadhi Yoga in Newtown on Tuesday mornings (6.30am and 8am) for the next couple of weeks : ) Remember friends, If not now, WHEN? Get to it & see you on the mat : ) Till next time, take care! stella xx Get your yoga on! Permanent Classes with Stella: Mondays 6.30pm @ Park Street Fitness First 8.30pm @ Darlinghurst Fitness First Wednesdays 6:30pm @ Newtown Fitness First 8.30pm @ Rockdale Fitness First

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