Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not-So-Fun Run!

The day started out fun! My sister, my little niece and I were set to run the Mothers Day Classic Fun Run for charity, despite the rainy outlook. Look at Luca (above) ready and excited in her running gear, ready to go : )
The rain didn't stop us! We headed down to Stuart Park in Wollongong, right near the beautiful beach. Even on this wet day, there were still loads of people getting ready to race and participate in this annual event, raising money for research into Breast Cancer.
We found a park, and it was time to get ready! Photo opportunity first.. Luca and I about to embark on the day! My sister notices it first - Luca doesn't look happy in this photo at all! But perservere we will.... or perhaps not. A quick look at the sky and the heavy drops of rain mean it will start pouring rain soon, so we stay in the car, and get ready to drop Luca off at Mum's house so sister and I can race on our own.
Dark grey skies make for great photos! But then we start hearing some not very happy noises from the back seat... OH NO, not far from Wollongong little Luca gets sick. To all the mums out there, I can understand how your heart breaks when your little one is ill. The tears were enough to start me crying - and the unanimous decision was that it was home time for these 3 little ducks.
Half way home, Luca passes out - sleep at last! Poor little petal.
Sister takes her little bundle of joy out of the car and into the bath. Home at last! So all in all it was an eventful day - despite no race running. Although you will be pleased to know that while I didn't run the 5k at the event with the other Pink ladies, I did jump on the treadmill and did my 5k's for charity nonetheless!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mummies out there : )

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PetalsYoga said...

You had such good intentions. That counts for a lot! Hope Luca is all better now.

Glad to have found your blog!

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