Saturday, May 23, 2009

How I Know I'm Home

In class, we learn to find stillness in our minds, our breath and our bodies, right there on the floor in the gym/studio/insert wherever you practice here! It doesn't matter if people are loud right next to us, it doesn't matter if there are distractions all round - can you find silence in yr own mind, right now? Similarly, just like we find stillness no matter what is going on outside - what is it in us, that makes us create a 'home' as opposed to simply a house? Is it our physical surroundings? Or can we find 'home' where our heart is? Inspired by this post at Shutter Sisters, take a moment to figure out what is it that creates HOME for you: 1. On returning to the house, my first cup of tea at the kitchen table (which always has a full bowl of fruit on it, above). 2. Finally lying down in my bed at night. 3. The smell of nag champa incense. 4. Resting my head on Marcus' chest. 5. Sitting on our new swing at dusk! (preferable in concert with #4, above) 6. The smell of baking. Anything baking. 7. The sound of my daughter Alex singing quietly to herself in her bedroom. 8. Turning on the twinkle lights in our kitchen.

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