Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Yoga of Surrender

I'm sick. I've been house-bound since coming home ill from work on Friday, and it's now Tuesday afternoon. I've been to the doctors twice, and he thinks I'll still be in bed tomorrow. This is HARD. I keep getting on my work computer to check email... I'm even bored of sleeping. But sleep I must. My body is telling me (very loudly) to take the time to get better. There's a lot of surrendering going on - and while I've got the time I'm going to be reading some more ideas about surrender. I won't be teaching any of my Wednesday night classes but will hopefully be back on board for Saturday. Till then, stay well x

1 comment:

nadinefawell.net said...

Aww, sorry you are sick!
Sending you get-well-soon vibes.

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