Friday, March 06, 2009

Pranify Yourself!

Step into the flow, fellow yogis, as Shiva Rea comes to Australia!
Living allll the way down under in Australia, it's not too often that world famous yogis come to our shores. 2009 is proving to be different - with Baron Baptiste, Dave Stringer, and now Shiva Rea all touching down : )
Shiva Rea is doing a weekend of inspiring workshops during March, at Body Mind Life in Surry Hills. Clink on the link to read the flyers with all the info, but in brief, the Weekend is all about FIRE & FLOW:
How do we tend the flame of our heart in changing and challenging times? These weekend ritual sessions are dedicated to tending your heart fire authentically as the centre of one's courage, deep happiness, vision, creativity, inspiration and most of all transforming power of love. We will explore the universal and ancient understanding and practices of our heart center from tantra, hatha and bhakti yoga integrated with the vinyasa pathways of prana flow yoga.
Check out Shiva's site and the wonderful opening intro on it.. beautiful!
Namaste x

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