Friday, February 13, 2009

Journey into Power

The first night of our Level 1 Baptise Power Vinyasa teacher training, Baron told us "This isn't therapy". Thank god I thought - but then I was (pleasantly) surprised... because while it wasn't, it really was... same same, but different ;) The week was all about finding our authentic self and sharing from that place with students and with the world. And wow, what a powerful place that is! I had a most amazing time and dear students, you'll see some of these fruits of labour on a mat near you soon ;) The days were loooong (7am starts, sometimes 2am finishes) and jam-packed, with perhaps an hour or 2 max of free time (which most of us spent napping), and the asana was full on.. long classes, very physical, in a heated room. Yes - I am now not fearful of sweat (so much sweat that you could literally wring your clothes out after a class). I smashed my own preconcieved ideas about my own physical strength; surpassed them with flying colours in fact! But perhaps even more exciting, I surpassed my own ideas about myself. We all have those negative/positive thought patterns about ourself, and I am looking so forward to interrupting those little stories and patterns I have created for myself. Readers, I am excited to have emptied my cup - and to be open to all the world and YOU have to teach me. What an exciting place of possibility! Photos coming soon - and for those of you who are interested, check out See you soon xx

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