Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher Trainin Bootcamp

Getting back to work can be a bit of a struggle - especially after a life changing experience, such as the Teacher Training Bootcamp I did last week! Wow.. I'm still glowing : ) Here's a glimpse at my week, in pictures: There were 65 of us students, from all over the world! We were all very close and cosy in the room, with our mats just inches away from the next person! The Power Yoga was practiced in a heated room so we soon got over our fear of touching other people's sweat!
...and when you're sweating so much that you can wring out your clothes after a practice, you need a towel or 2 (or 3) to get you through a practice. Here's the sight that greeted us at the beginning of each class!
Perhaps our longest session on the mat was 5 hours which was about half way through our time there. That included meditation, asana practice of all kinds, and some teaching practice - breaking down poses, adjusting and doing partner work. Now THAT was a sweaty practice! Oh, and how can I forget the backbends? I think the most we did in one time (one after the other) was 6.
I was looking forward to the training so I could get back into my personal practice of asana, and particularly meditation. It is true - the more often you practice meditation, the easier it becomes.. or perhaps I should say the more you love it. I still find it a challenge but after only a couple of days practice, I fell in love with Meditation again and even found a comfy position to sit in (blocks: my new favourite prop!). I have also ordered the fabulous 2 x cd set by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge - we listened to this a bit during meditation and it was awe-inspiring.
On the final night, lovely miss Elodie, Baron (our teacher!) and myself had to have a photo together. We're smiling here but there were many tears during the week - it was a physically and emotionally exhausting yet exhilerating journey into power, and I can't wait to head back for Level 2!!!
Namaste x

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thewindhover said...

How marvellous! I'd love to go on something of this nature; for very similar reasons - especially for regular meditation. A couple of years ago I spent a week in hermitage with the Benedictine Nuns in Jamberoo (situated on beautiful lush forest)and woke at dawn every day for prayer and mediation... it was extremely powerful and became easier and easier. Without ranting too much now! I love your photos; especially of the towels! Hope to meet up soon. Emily x

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