Friday, February 13, 2009

Aussie Bushfire Appeal - YOU can help

As I was away on yoga training with no tv, mobile phone or internet, I missed a lot of the Victorian bushfire news - the worst bushfires in Australian history, with almost 200 fatalities. So it was quite hard to 1) watch tv when I first got home (it's noisy!) and 2) have the first thing I watch on tv be such tragedy. I just cried. I've already donated some money to the Red Cross to help those affected by this absolute tragedy, and I am so glad to be holding a yoga workshop tomorrow to be in touch with others, and encourage them to be generous as well. Darlinghurst Fitness First is already accepting $$ donations and if you are coming to the workshop tomorrow - or indeed any of my classes over the next few weeks, pls bring perhaps a tin of food, some blankets or clothes you are no longer in need of - it doesn't have to be $$. I will be collecting all goods and passing them on to help the situation. You can donate $$ online direct to the Australian Red Cross right here, even if you are from overseas.
What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.
Namaste in love and light x

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Pink Heels said...

I am sending my love and positive energy to everyone in Australia. Big hugs! Hang in there!

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