Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shiny Newsletter :: Spring 08

“The highest form of spiritual practice is self-observation without self-criticism” - Swami Kripalu
NAMASTE dear friends! Well thank goodness Spring is here – daylight savings, lots of sunshine, and renewed energy. It’s a fabulous time to celebrate new beginnings, and with that in mind I’m pleased to announce a new date for the SPRING YOGA WORKSHOP! Pencil 22 November in your diaries and rsvp as soon as possible as places are limited : ) (See flyer below) Spring is also the perfect time to step back, take a look at yourself, and refresh your goals and progress in all areas of life. In traditional yoga, we call this study of self SVADYAYA (it can also include the study of spiritual texts). As wonderful teacher and yogini Judith Hanson Lasater explains, “Svadyaya is self-study; self-study means being aware of the inner dialogue, the words we speak, the thoughts we have. Self-study can be practiced all the time – it is not hard to practice. Rather, remembering to practice svadyaya is the difficult part. We get lost in the swirling currents of the ego.” This self-study & self-observation is such a powerful tool as it allows us to grow and evolve. But getting stuck in the ego and criticising ourself constantly can have the opposite effect! So how do we guide our mind to the positive? Meditation is wonderful for helping to guide the mind, as is pranayama (breath control). Even simpler, Hatha Yoga – such as what we do in classes – will surely get you a result! You’ll be moving negative and energy around your body, and better yet, OUT of your body. You’ll become amazed and inspired by the strength of your physical form, and will also notice a calming and clearing of the mind. Yet another wonderful benefit of yoga : ) Food for the MIND… What am I reading at the moment? I’ve again picked up the lovely Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s been a couple of years now that this book hit the stands and it is definitely still timeless. I’ve also been exploring A Year of Living Your Yoga (again by Judith Hanson Lasater). Need some daily inspiration to get you out of your ego and onto the mat? Don’t go past this gorgeous book, with daily quotes and ideas. Food for the SOUL… What am I listening to right now? Am very excited that there is a new WAH! album out. Wah! sings gorgeous pop for yoga, and also travels the world spreading her music and meditation. In class I’ve also been playing lots of Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur, plus Om Yoga Mix 2. Food for the BODY… Natural goodness for the body! Ahh Spring – I love it, but unfortunately I’m one of those (not so common!) people that suffers majorly with dreaded Hay Fever. The best cure I’ve found? An all natural one! Check out Brauer’s Homeopathic Hayfever Nasal Spray (available from most chemists) and give Golden Seal tablets (natural vitamins, from Health Food Stores) a go. Promise : ) Till next time, take care! stella xx
Get your yoga on!
Permanent Classes Mondays 6.30pm @ Park Street Fitness First 8.30pm @ Darlinghurst Fitness 1st Wednesdays 8.30pm @ Rockdale Fitness First Covers & Workshops Wednesday 5 November 7am @ Park Street Fitness First 6.30pm @ HQ Fitness, Elizabeth St Sydney
Thursday 13 November
6.15am @ Lifestyle Fit, Erskinville
Saturday 22 November 12noon – 2.30pm @ Darlinghurst Fitness First (details at below)

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