Sunday, October 26, 2008

OM Yoga Mix 2 :: CD review

I got a copy of the OM YOGA MIX 2 cd a wee while ago and as anyone who reads this blog would know, I'm a massive fan of OM YOGA MIX (the original), so I couldn't wait to run home and put it on the stereo! Cyndi Lee from OM YOGA in New York (creator of the CD) is a wonderful teacher - I've many of her books and am constantly inspired by her teachings (although I've yet to travel OS to make it to one of her classes.. come on down to Oz pls Cyndi ;)). She teaches flowing vinyasa yoga and includes wonderful music to practice by - so the idea of the Om Yoga Mixes if fabulous in itself, as they're created to practice a class by - with ebs, flows, fast paced tracks and slower meditative tunes. This album does not fail to deliver on the promise of a fabulous soundtrack to your yoga class. Tracklisting is: 1. Gentle Voice (Michael Hewett) 2. Devi Puja (Prana & Krishna Das) 3. Jaadu (Original Mix) (Ustad Sultan Khan) 4. Freeze (Yoga Mix) (Kodomo) 5. Shanti (Falu & Gaurav Shah) 6. Tulong (The Beyman Bros) 7. Hasret (Omar Faruk Tekbilek) 8. Swadisthana (Vive) 9. Kiss of Bliss (Steve Gorn & Jamie Lawerence) 10. Mantra (Krishna Das) The album is eclectic and fun, it'll no doubt open your heart and really allow you to escape the world - all while grounding firmly onto your yoga mat : ) There is often a chance that many yoga cd's will fall victim to including some cheesey New Age tunes on their release but not on this one - phew! A great mix including many artists, standout tracks/artists for me are Kodomo (an electric artist who apparently has just released a new full length album, which I'm off to explore!), the Krishna Das tracks (his OM's are the best around) and Michael Hewett. My initial thoughts on the album whilst practicing to it was that it didn't have the same wonderful flow as the original album. There were some tracks that seemed quite upbeat to be in the latter stages of the album when you would moreso be looking for tracks to wind you down. But for vibrant artists and track selection on their own merit - 10 out of 10!

"'OM Yoga Mix 2' infuses the world with innovative rasa-filled, soul-stirring world music that moves everybody I know in the rhythms of yoga and flow" - Shiva Rea, Yogini. PS - while on the subject of this album, definitely go over to check out Dharma Moon, the producers of the album. A yoga store with more releases, teachings and inspiration than you can poke a stick at.


Kristin said...

Thanks for coming by and saying Hi!

And thanks for the CD review. I like to change up my CD selection, but I'm always leery of just buying something without listening to it first.

A couple of CD's that I've liked:
Shakti Rhythms by Sheva Rea
Buddha Bar Universal Sounds: 10 Years
Buddha Lounge

All have that rather eclectic mix of upbeat and mellow rhythms with a bit of an international flair.

Pink Heels said...

I agree. The cd is good but it isn't conducive for a vinyasa yoga just doesn't seem to flow. Also, I tend to practice a heart pumping, sweat producing type of yoga and found that the tracks were a little too slow at times for this my kind of yoga.

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