Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happiness : )

I seriously am moved almost to tears at the generosity and spirit the world shows some times. I am partaking in the 29 Gifts - Giving Challenge below, but even beyond this site, there is so much love in the world - you just have to look harder at times ;) But when it rains.. it pours! Prior to finding out about the 29 Gifts Challenge, I was lucky enough to participate in the Pay It Forward Movement over at Dirty Footprints. I've now got my 3 lucky recipients and will soon be sending them their own gifts.. for them to then choose 3 people each to 'pay it forward' to. And now, out of the blue and separate to both these challenges, I was reading Poppalina's blog where she took her little one out to do a bit of gift giving herself. So so gorgeous! And to hear that the idea for the Toy Society started here in Australia.. fab : ) I really urge you to take a few minutes out of your day and check out the awesome, selfless activities going on in these blogs and sites and people all around you. It will make your heart smile : ) Enjoy your days x
Post Script: More more more!


nadinefawell said...

Hey Stella!

You have been posting all sorts of super-inspiring stuff lately, thank you!
Wish I could virtually join you for the 108 Sun Salutes, but I have a class at 8 am. Sigh.

The Toy Society said...

Aren't all those projects so fab! Thanks for linking to mine! Wish I had have known about your Yoga classes when I was living in Melbourne.

Caroline said... have another's at my blog :)

Ann said...

I'm visiting via Caroline "The Zen In You".
I'm so happy to have found your site. So many wonderful things going on here!

Pink Heels said...

I am firm believer that if we give unconditionally, we will receive twofold.

Connie said...

Hey Ms Stella!!!

I was just over at SweetMango's blog and her latest post is about the 29 Day I come here...same thing. The universe is telling me something!! I'm in! Totally in!! Let's make the world a much more peaceful place. Lots of love to you.

Peace & Love.

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