Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Worry.. and getting one's groove back

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trouble - it empties today of its strength.” Unknown

Over at The Zen in You blog, there's a fabulous post which ends with the above quote. And after a week of panic attacks and way too many thoughts running around my head, most of which won't be solved by simple worry, it's timely to pull this quote out and stick it on my forehead! :)

The last few months have been quite hectic for me, in regards to health (the never ending flu) and some personal issues, and in the last week my doctor has ordered me off for some blood tests as she thinks I may have Coeliac, or some other mal-absorbtion thing going on. It's nothing life threatening but it's definitely something that is affecting all aspects of my being - and of course I have been researching all of these things on the net and have catastrophised everything! haha! Ohhh the net, it can be good but I think I just need to stop self-diagnosing and CHILL OUT for a bit!

So yes - the worry has been a big thing for me lately. And seriously, even if I do have Coeliac, or something worse, or something not as bad, or something totally different, worrying and stressing about it isn't going to make a spot of difference. I just need to be PATIENT and PRESENT.

(Hint - meditation is FAB for the stilling of the mind and worry, if you happen to do this as well)

* * * * * * * *

Dear students: For the month of September I am taking some time off teaching and will be back to regular classes as of early October. I'll be working on getting my groove back, and I can't wait to see you shortly.

PS - I am still most definitely holding the YOGA WORKSHOP on 20 September so if you wish to come along, pls email me to hold your spot!


Amanda said...

Hi Stella

I like your blog very much. It's nice to 'meet' another Australian yogini with a blog!

I'd like to suggest a week on a houseboat on the Murray River to help you recover. It really does it for me.


Pink Heels said...

Hang in there! Take several deep breaths and then find ways to nurture your mind, body, and spirit! Lots of hugs.

Marilyn P. Sushi said...

Goodness I am reading a lot of yoga blogs where health problems are an issue. I hope you rest up and your tests come back ok.

Caroline said...

Sorry to took so long to get back here! Hang in there... Remember, there is nothing you cannot handle or deal with...no worries ;)

bLu eYd YoGi said...

sounds VERY familiar! as i type this, i am , again, having problems with my stomach...this summer i went thru many different test, (including celiac)...all came back negative, which is good. BUT, i still don't have an answer!
i need to get back into my daily morning yoga~ i'm off balance, and, like your blog says, "everything is better with yoga!"
best wishes~

nadinefawell said...

Hey lovely Stella!

Hope you are feeling better as the month progresses...

Looking forward to catching up with your life and times.


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