Sunday, July 20, 2008

Living Life Out Loud

I have often shared thoughts and the like in my classes from the wonderful Keri Smith. This amazing artist is so inspiring and so I'm over the moon that I've finally gotten around to getting her book, Living Out Loud - Activities to fuel a creative life. Such a bright and colourful book with activities, tasks, thoughts and inspiration - if yr ever after a beautiful gift for someone, this is it : ) Be prepared to be hearing lots of her thoughts in my classes soon!

And speaking of all things inspiring and passionate, I came across this awesome article asking how exactly does one know if they are living their life with passion? Go over and have a peak at it - are YOU living life out loud?

See you guys on the mat soon xx

PS - just trying to find a venue to hold my next yoga workshop. If you know of any fabulous open rooms with wall space, pls let me know.


Pink Heels said...

Yummy...can't wait to receive my copy of this book!

i'm kelly said...

i'll have to check this book out. thanks for the tip.

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