Monday, May 26, 2008

I am sick.

"It's humbling," the first woman said, pushing her salad around on her plate with her fork. "Here I am a yoga teacher, and I'm hobbling into classes. I can't even demonstrate the simplest poses."

"I know what you mean," the other admitted. "I'm leading meditations on peace and lovingkindness, and then going home to cry and smash dishes."

I'm not quite smashing plates but I am hobbling and coughing an awful lot.. I have the never-ending flu, and I thought I also had a burst eardrum... lucky it turns out it was just an ultra-strong earache BUT it's made it clear I need to stop.

So I've got covers for my yoga classes and I'm resting up. And reading this fabulous article (that's what the quotes above are about) on Yoga Journal about having compassion in our lives.

Yoga normally energises me and I am missing my mat so so much, but my body is telling me something.. and I need to listen. And to that end, I have had a re-juggle of my yoga teaching schedule (I'm having weekends back again!).

Here it is - I hope to see you all from next week onwards.

xx stella

TIMETABLE effective as of JUNE 2008
MONDAY - 6.30pm (Park Street Fitness First)
MONDAY - 8.30pm (Darlinghurst Fitness First)
WEDNESDAY - 7am (Park Street Fitness First)
WEDNESDAY - 6.30pm (Headquarters Gym, Elizabeth Street, City)
WEDNESDAY - 8.30pm (Rockdale Fitness First)
THURSDAY - 6.15am (LifeStyle Fit, Erskineville)


Pink Heels said...

Here are a couple of studios on the East Coast that people love which are also under $3,000:

Frog Lotus (Includes Room & Board)

Flow Yoga Center

Nadine Fawell said...

You work so hard! So much teaching and a day job!

Take care of yourself.
From one hobbler to another!


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