Monday, May 05, 2008

Brr baby it's cold outside

Well, the weather sure has taken a turn and we are most definitely not in summer anymore!!! Good thing then that I’ve come across these FABULOUS leg warmers at Lululemon tehee. And speaking of Lululemon, they have 2 free classes a week at their George Street ‘Ivy’ store in the city: a Wednesday morning and a Sunday one.. give them a buzz for details.
“if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
~author unknown
I moved house this week – not a joyous thing insofar as moving and packing and unpacking goes, but WOW I’m in love with the new home. And change is GOOD, it keeps us alive and awake. I've also started the Yoga Synergy Anatomy & Physiology course to keep my brian hopping along, I'm staring a Vegan Cooking Course at the Community College this weekend, and am starting (as a student) an 8 week Ashtanga course this Wednesday morning bright and early. So it's lots going on! And if you've been to one of my classes lately and I've not been teaching, don't fret! I'm not too far away... just taking some much needed 'me' time (to pack, unpack, repeat...) Over the next few weekends I'll also be having covers do my Sunday classes as I'll be A&P'ing with Yoga Synergy. I'll post an updated timetable for you here soon. GOOD NEWS too! I'm covering Market Street FF for the next 3 weeks, on Thursday mornings at 7.30am. AND I'm picking up the Wed 7am Park Street FF in 8 weeks time (after my ashtanga course). Want more? I've also picked up a 10am yoga class at Lifestyle Fit Erskineville on Sunday mornings, plus from June I'm taking on a 6.30pm yoga class at Headquarters Gym on Elizabeth Street in the city. Yikes! So now.. there's really no excuse to come and play on the mat! See you soon and take care - enjoy the butterflies in your life. xx

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Pink Heels said...

It seems as if this quote is following me around. This is the fifth time that I have read it this week. I suppose that there is a reason for it popping up in my life...

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