Sunday, April 06, 2008

Quest for LIFE

I mentioned the Quest for Life Centre at Bundanoon in my class this afternoon, and it piked the interest of a few of you. So here is a bit more information about it, and the Rainbow Meditation we practiced:

What is the Quest for Life Centre?
From founder, Petrea King: Providing services that assist people to reconnect with their spirit and establish peace in their lives has been my passion since my recovery from leukaemia in 1984. Together with a dedicated team of health professionals, we have been providing services for people living with the challenges of serious, chronic and life-threatening illness, grief, loss, depression and trauma since 1985. Click here for what the centre can offer you, in their own words, plus their inspiring philosophies.

I stayed at the centre a few years ago myself and to say it right out, this place changed my life. The food - healthy, wholesome, organic - is amazing. The professionals and group leaders there are open, wonderful and inspiring. The grounds where the centre is located, well.. they're a treat themselves. It feels like you're a million miles away in this undiscovered paradise. All of these things combined give you a whole new sense of life, energy to go on, and a new perspective - whether it's a terminal illness or a life changing situation you're facing.

What is the Rainbow Meditation about?
It's about sending loving kindness via a rainbow from your heart, to someone you care about/someone who needs your help/someone in need of thought. Let me tell you, this got me through many tough times.
Petrea also has a number of fabulous books out - Your Life Matters: The Power of Living Now is a well-thumbed book in my collection. You can get these at most bookstores, or order from her website.

Funny story - when I went to a week retreat there, I was a big yoga fan but not a teacher yet. They suggested maybe teaching was where my heart was at and I shook my head.. that was SO far from my current world. Interesting how life turns out ;)
x stella

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