Saturday, February 23, 2008

Testimonials & Yummy Goodness

Stella - who covered the class this morning - was amazing! Her class was absolutely fantastic and I even approached her afterwards to see where she normally teaches. She is technical but has a beautiful manner and way of teaching. Monique Arnold 22/8/09

Dearest Stella, I attended your wonderful session on Saturday and I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for your practice. This was an outstanding class and I enjoyed it immensely and it made my weekend! Tash Kelly October 09

The "Yoga & Tea" workshop run by Stella and Ariana was fantastic! I wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it, I hope others are organised - would definitely come again! Kimberly 4 July Hi Stella, I did your yoga inversions workshop and just wanted to say thank you - it was truly excellent and lots of fun. I would love to know what other classes you teach and if/when you'll think you'll do other workshops. Sarah July 09 Hi Stella, you are my new favourite person ;) I really enjoyed Saturday's inversions workshop - I have to confess I didn't think I'd like it as much as the tea workshop (there was no tea!) but I honestly did. To spend a decent amount on one aspect of yoga was fantastic. I haven't done a lot of inversions and as well as having a great time I really learnt a lot and feel a new found dedication to my practice. I though it was organised really well, the partner work was really effective. Thanks Stella, and well done : ) I'd definitely come to any other workshops you put on! Hopefully I'll see you again soon, you are an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher, I'm very glad I met you! Take care, Sue 20 July 09 Hi Stella, I met you today at the Lululemon community class. I have to let you know that i absolutely loved the class and I walked away from there feeling so wonderful and light. A BIG THANK YOU! Nikki (23/11/08)

Stella, I wanted to say thank you for such an amazing class on Saturday. I have done lots of classes and workshops all over the world but none affected me so deeply. I loved the theme, it bought such passion and focus to the class. This came at a time when I need to change some things in my life and the sea of OM and the singing bowls resonanted and helped release emotions. Thank you again and I hope to attend some more of your classes and workshops in the future. Katy (26/11/08)

Just to let you know that that I'm very pleased with the Yoga on Monday nights at Darlinghurst; Stella is a true yoga trainer but you are probably aware of that with a full yoga class! (Email feedback to Manager, FF Darlinghurst) Cat (25/6/08)

Just attended the 12pm Yoga workshop, Great idea! Hats off to the management to allow something innovative like this for members. Stella is great as usual, so make sure you keep her! (Email feedback to Manager, FF Darlinghurst) Michael (22/11/08)

Really enjoyed the Yoga workshop, looking forward to the next one! Cameron (22/11/08)

The yoga workshop was FANTASTIC! It will be great if you guys organise another one. Vivian (22/11/08)

Really loved the yoga workshop, the teachers were very inspiring and the 2.5 hours went so quickly. I enjoyed the challenge vinyasas, and chocoloate. All in all a lovely class. Stacey (22/11/08)

This was a fantastic yoga workshop and thoroughly enjoyed! Stella is an excellent teacher, accomodating all levels. I would do this every Saturday if I could! Keep it up! Nicola (22/11/08)

Hi Stella, Enjoyed today's class, you've got a peaceful, gentle energy about you! David (19/4/09) That class was the best yoga experience I've ever had, Thank You! Student at Lululemon Community Class (19/4/09)

That class reminded me why I loved yoga so much! Student at Lululemon Community Class (19/4/09)

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