Sunday, December 23, 2007

WoYoPracMo! What is it?

Firstly I suppose one should ask the question: Why? What exactly do I want out of the month of practice? I got a little lost in a regular personal practice over the past year, with changing jobs and changing circumstances. I also had a battle with depression, which was doing much better after I dived headfirst into solid daily yoga practice 2 years ago. So I want both of these things back. And in the words of Baron Baptiste, I want a personal revolution! I want to transform my body, mind and spirit. And to further cement this fact, I agree wholeheartedly with Cyndi Lee of my fave, Om Yoga: In 30 (or 31!) days a lot can change -- with yoga those changes might include getting stronger, more flexible, improved sleep and digestion, uplifted moods and more! Who knows? Maybe for you just making a commitment and keeping it could be a big change! Whatever we think might happen, after 30 days of the OM yoga Challenge, we will all be surprised and learn a lot... about yoga and about ourselves! I am really looking forward to it! For the bulk of the month I will practice at studios as I find it much more beneficial not having to 'think' of what to do next. However, I'm looking forward to exploring some new studios, and also listening to podcasts and reading lots of yogic texts on my own. Here's how it's unfolding : ) Tues 1 Jan 2008 – HTC podcast + guided meditation + reading Eat Pray Love Wed 2 Jan – 9.45am Body Mind Life vinyasa class in heated room by Phil Thurs 3 Jan – 6.30pm Yoga Synergy class by Steven Fri 4 Jan – 1.00pm Fitness First class by Zan Sat 5 Jan – Sun 6 Jan – Mon 7 Jan – back to work! teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Tues 8 Jan – Wed 9 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Thurs 10 Jan – Fri 11 Jan – Sat 12 Jan – Sun 13 Jan – Mon 14 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Tues 15 Jan – (We're halfway there!) Wed 16 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Thurs 17 Jan – Fri 18 Jan – Sat 19 Jan – Sun 20 Jan – Mon 21 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Tues 22 Jan – Wed 23 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Thurs 24 Jan – Fri 25 Jan – (Australia Day Public Holiday and Big Day Out) Sat 26 Jan – Sun 27 Jan – Mon 28 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Tues 29 Jan – Wed 30 Jan – teaching hatha yoga (1hr) Thurs 31 Jan – Extra Tools other than Asana: Podcasts to listen to: YogaPeeps, Hip Tranquil Chick Books to (re)read: Yogini, Eat Pray Love, Jivamukti Yoga, Autiobiography of a Yogi, Diet for a Small Planet, Teaching Yoga

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