Friday, December 14, 2007

sore... but smiling

Dear yogi friends, Big apologies for not being with you in class this week - this little yogi hurt her knee and had trouble just walking and bending! But good news is the recovery has been speedier than I originally thought, and I'll definitely be with you in class next week - the last yoga classes at FF for the year! Now for some exciting news in all this Christmas mayhem - January is Word Yoga Practice Month (or WoYoPracMo for short), set up by the lovely YogaMum. All you have to do is practice yoga every day for the month of January, 2008. From Ashtanga to Iyengar, newbies to longtime practitioners, everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Go right here to sign up and enjoy the fun. It is similar to Om Yoga's 30 day Yoga Challenge - where they say "In 30 days a lot can change -- with yoga those changes might include getting stronger, more flexible, improved sleep and digestion, uplifted moods and more! Who knows? Maybe for you just making a commitment and keeping it could be a big change! Whatever we think might happen, after 30 days of the OM yoga Challenge, we will all be surprised and learn a lot... about yoga and about ourselves!" Sounds pretty cool hey? So join up, wherever you are - and remember, yoga can take many different forms. Read all about it. Namaste and see you soon xx

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Yogamum said...

Shiny, thank you for signing up and for mentioning it here! I hope we all have a great time!

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