Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Treading on the Earth

So it's National Recycling Week here in Australia, and it has been the focus of my classes on the mat this week. How heavily do we tread on the earth - both physically and environmentally?

Gandhi said BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, but honestly, most ppl at times feel that their own recyling of paper is not going to count.. that it doesn't matter if they get a takeaway coffee in a paper takeaway cup every day... but that it's government and big businesses who need to take responsiblity to make any impact.

But that is where we need to be corrected - because an individual CAN and DOES make a difference. It's the ripple effect - we share energy and breath when we share a yoga class together, and when someone walks into a room full of energy and sparkle - we feel their happiness. The small things ripple outwards!

And whether or not you believe that one person making a difference will effect change on a national and international level, heck, being kind to the environment and living a holistic, natural lifestyle can only benefit you! Cleaning your home with bicarb soda and vinegar is not only effective and cheap (woohoo) but it means you won't be inhaling loads of chemicals into your precious body. Eating non-processed and healthy, bountiful meals and snacks means you'll be nourishing your body, giving yourself energy, and ensuring yourself longevity of life.

And really, how hard is it to throw the paper into the recycle bin... instead of the rubbish?

We only have one world... how lightly do you tread on it? Check out your environmental footprint right here.
And have a peek at how this guy is living a non-impact life -> so inspiring! Oh, and don't think it's not happening in your own back yard either! Right here is a Sydney Compact!

... & tread lightly : )

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