Sunday, November 25, 2007


It was Thanksgiving in America this week, so I've been reading a lot of sites and posts about what people are grateful for. And even though we don't celebrate it here in Australia, it's well worth a moment each and every day to create a 'Gratitude Journal' - or spend a few seconds thinking of the things that make us smile! So right now, I am grateful for: - my beautiful new niece Luca - my gorgeous friends - my yoga practice that stretches me, chills me out, and makes me happy - a job that makes me smile and gives me the freedom to be with my friends and family - yummy tea and a tea store near my house that never leaves me shy of a new flavour - finding new and inspiring yoga blogs - my new digi camera to snap away all the moments of my life - my new red bag with spots - the yummy fruit bowl on my desk - and so much more.. so so much more! What are you grateful for? 3~ stella x

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Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I'm grateful for:
- blogging :-) and the friends I've made
- The sound of the purring cat on my lap
- A beautiful new kitchen and foyer floor!!!
- Great health
- Fabulous books
- Family
- Love, hugs, and kisses

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