Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Being Tranquil in a Crazy World!

Firstly - frown your face and scrunch it up... tight! Next - let the frown go, relax your facial muscles and let it be light.

Nice difference, hey? Now remember this relaxed state... and you have tranquility. And gee - it's really hard to be tranquil (for more than just a moment) in this day and age! We have work, we have gadgets that make us feel like we're at work even when we're not, and well, there's just so much coming at us from every angle! So this week in class I've focussed on finding tranquility / peace / ease / a soothing quality in our yoga practice, so we can embrace it and hopefully let it ripple out off the mat. I love Kimberly Wilson's website and the philosophy of her yoga studio - Tranquil Space (don't get put off by the pink, it's a really helpful and beautiful site! And if you like pink, enjoy!). And it was in discovering her podcasts lately that have really encouraged me to find some tranquility in my day to day life, and I'd love to share these gems with you! How to be Hip & Tranquil: practice yoga on and off the mat daily nourish my inner artist through constant creativity breathe through challenges creative a vision for my lifeconsciously carve my career path host savvy soirees to expand my community handle my money mindfully think globally through socially conscious actions exude my signature style with a dash of flair challenge myself seek opportunity and express gratitude find inspiration in the mundane nurture my relationships surround myself with candles, flowers, and positive pals nourish my body with oodles of water, fresh fruit, and whole grains schedule herbal tea sipping, bathtub soaking, and journal writing my own addition - randomly compliment a stranger each day! What will you do this week to add some tranquility to your life this week?? x stella

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