Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spring - new foods to enjoy

So the weather is getting a wee bit warmer, which means that we crave lighter foods. No more heavy pasta dishes, but bring on the salads and fruit and colourful meals! I know I definitely notice a big switch in my eating at the change of seasons and I recently pulled out a fab cookbook of mine, in order to celebrate Spring.

GREEN: Modern Vegetarian Recipes by Flip Shelton is a beautiful book by a Melbourne foodie, and I love the recipes in here. They are easy to make (tick), good for one or two people (tick), and use fresh local produce (tick).

In yogic tradition they say not to eat a meal 2 hours before you practice, and when you do your first downward facing dog after having a big meal you'll understand why!! So be sure to give yourself some space between creating your Spring feast and stepping on the yoga mat!

Here's a juice sample from her book that I love and actually have all year round - give it a go! I'll share more recipes with you soon over the upcoming posts so stay tuned, and pls share with me your Spring menu ideas too! Yum.

Detox Juice
* spring clean your system - in summer, autum, winter or spring!
* serves 1

1 x small beetroot
1 x granny smith apple
1 x med-sized carrot
1 x celery stick
100g pineapple
1 x small piece fresh ginger (I adore ginger so add heaps more - it's up to you)
Put everything through a juicer, and voila! Careful of the beetroot moustache ;)

stella x

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