Sunday, August 19, 2007

108 Sun Salutes for Charity

I'm very excited!! On Wednesday 10th October I'll be heading to the Royal Botanical Gardens overlooking the Sydney Opera House, to participate with over 300 other yogis for the YOGA AID CHALLENGE.

Doing 108 Sun Salutes at the change of season is a yogic tradition, and we'll all be coming together to raise money for children in Australia (my chosen charity is Barnados).

A normal yoga class will have roughly 5 sun salutes (perhaps more, perhaps less) but yep, I'll be doing 108 all in the one session, as the sun rises over the Opera House.

If you would like to sponsor me by offering a donation (as much/little as you feel comfortable with) I would be most appreciative - just head to my Donations Page right here OR you can give me a few pennies in class and I'll add it to my total.

I am so looking forward to this amazing, energizing practice - with 300 fellow yogis. Yay!

Stay tuned for photos : )
stella x

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