Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Living with Non-Attachment

(image with thanks to the ever lovely Keri Smith and her inspiring Wish Jar Journal)
When you're in the middle of a hard situation or the end of a relationship, it can be hard to LET GO. Actually, it can seem literally impossible! But one of the teachings of yoga is to live fully in the present - know that this moment will pass, the things we have now will be different tomorrow, the dreams we have this evening will become distant thoughts down the track.

You can take the above quote and the idea of greedlessness literally - to not get so caught up in the material possessions we own and on the mat, not to become too caught up in the outcome of a pose. On a deeper level though, we need to look at Santosha (sanskrit for Contentment) and ask ourselves why it is that we're always longing for more... more... more. Could we find happiness in a backpack, with lived in pants?

It is fab to have dreams - and dreams give us inspiration to aspire and live life to the full. But don't forget about the present. Don't forget out the stains of a life well lived that equal frayed trousers : )



Nadine Fawell said...

Oh, how I long for that sort of contentment. Funny, I have been talking about this in my teaching this week. Teach what you need to learn and all that...
I love love love the picture art too!

Gypsy Girl said...

Living in the present moment is a discipline and one I learned a lot more fully in Eckhart Tolle's wondeful book "The Power of Now". A great read for all, and especially great for yoginis.

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