Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A change of Pace

“It is good to have an end to journey towards;
but in the end, it’s the journey itself that makes the difference.”
Ursula Le Guin

Dear Yogis,

The focus of the month during my classes recently has been SATYA – Sanskrit for Truth. During the change of season when our bodies can get run down and we can feel less than sparkly, we need to really be honest with ourselves and trust our intuition. Is our body telling us to focus more on childs pose and the breath (a yin practice) rather than jumping right into dynamic sun salutes?

This intuition should follow once we leave the mat as well – that tickle in the throat can turn into a cold if you don’t take care of yourself, up your ginger tea intake and rest when you need to! Oh, and a wonderful yoga class is the best thing to keep your body at the top of its game and to give you energy on an otherwise gloomy day : )

Over the last month I’ve also set the challenge to be truthful to myself – and a longterm health issue has seen me make the decision to drop back my Sunday Shiny Yoga class and Sunday Pyrmont Health Club class effective immediately, and instead focus on a number of workshops to be held over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for some more emails and posts about them very soon!

Thanks to all the new members of the e-newsletter, a bumper Winter issue is coming out this weekend.

Enjoy your journeys and see you all on the mat soon!

stella x

PS - a special thankyou to yogi’s Rhonda, Mark, Sangita & Denise for your amazing inspirations on + off the mat. You have added a lot of the sparkle to Shiny Yoga : )

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