Sunday, March 11, 2007

Celebrate Earth Hour with Yoga by Candlelight

Yoga means UNION - the union of not only body & mind, but between individuals and the environment we live in and on. As yogi's, we have a responsibility to tread lightly on this environment and decide on what kind of mark we will leave behind us.
Saturday March 31 is Earth Day in Sydney and in other cities around the world. To lessen the load of carbon emmissions to the environment, it's as simple as switching off your lights and appliances for a minimum of one hour, at 7.30pm.
As Gandhi said, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. One person's actions impact on their immediate environment, but a million single people doing the same thing, make these actions more widespread and more lifechanging. What kind of environmental footprint are you leaving?
Statistics on global warming * The production and use of energy in Australia provides 69% - the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and is the greatest contributor to global warming. (CSIRO)
* By 2100, up to 15,000 Australians could die every year from heat-related illnesses and the dengue transmission zone could reach as far south as Brisne and Sydney if we continue to allow greenhouse gas emissions to increase. (Australian Medical Association).
* 2005 was Australia's hottest year on record, with an annual mean temperature 1.09°C above the average. (Australian Bureau of Meteorology).
* There has been a 30% reduction in snow cover over the last 45 years in the Snowy Mountains. Areas with at least 3 days snow cover annually are predicted to shrink by between 39% and 96% by 2070. (Murdoch University).
** Join us for a special evening on March 31 at Yoga by Candlelight evening at Queen Street Yoga Studio where we'll be having a fun yoga class and special speaker to celebrate Earth Hour. Cost: $15/$12.50 with multi-class yogi pass. Bookings are being taken now.


sketchmonkey said...

this class was so awesome! thanks for putting it on and caring so much about our earth. it truely was inspirational to be there in my first class back about about a gazillion years! xx

Anonymous said...

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