Sunday, March 11, 2007

Help! My balance isn't working!

It's somewhat humbling to have those days, as a teacher, when you're standing in front of a group of students and you're all practicing Vrkasana (tree pose) - and you can't balance. Believe me, this happens quite often, because our balance changes day by day. Generally I love tree pose - I have quite good balance on the whole and find this pose very uplifting. But what happens when, no matter how often you practice it, balance just never visits you? I came across this article from Yoga Life magazine this week and thought it would be very helpful if you're one of those people that struggles with balancing postures. Enjoy x

Unlock Your Balance If your body was a tree, would yours be as strong as oak or more along the lines of a rubber tree? If you are leaning toward the houseplant variety it's time to tune-up your support structure. Finding balance on the mat depends on a slew of factors, from your big toe (pressing it down on the ground will help you stay steady in Warrior III) to the very top of your head (imagine there's a string from your crown to the ceiling to help you stand straighter in Tree pose). But the most important part of your balancing act falls smack in the middle: your core.

A strong core means the trunk of your body is more stable and can help you stay standing through that wiggly, wobbly dance you call yoga. Off the mat, you'll have better posture and will be less prone to injury as you hurdle through life. Ready to get steady? Read this article with tips from yogi SEANE CORNE, for core strengthening tips and other keys to unlocking your balance.

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