Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go on a Date

There is a beautiful and inspiring book that I'm proud to have on my bookshelf - The Artist's Way. It's a book about how to rediscover the artist + the creativity within you, and I've been mentioning it in a few classes recently.
To discover the passion and your life, the fire in your belly (tapas), is vital in one's life. It gives us get up and go, and energy. It makes life worth living.
So the question I have been getting my fellow yogi's to focus on recently is - if money was no option, what would you do with your life? Would you write novels? Or become a photographer? Open a garden nursery, or become a professional traveller? With no boundaries and no rules of common sense, what would you do? Dream big...
...and live big. This week, I encourage you all to go on an artist date with yourself. Follow your dream! If you want to travel, go to a travel agent and dream about a trip. Or book into a cooking course that will teach you to cook the traditional dishes of that place.
Go to the library and take out all the books on scrapbooking if that's what you'd love to do. Go to an internet cafe and look up photography if that is your deal. Whatever it is - DO IT.
We have 168 hours each and every single week in our lives. Take away approximately 42 of those for sleeping, and that leaves you 122 hours to live your life. Make a committment to yourself right now to take yourself on a date, and DREAM BIG and LIVE BIG.
How are you going to get the fires burning in your belly???
Looking forward to hearing your stories!
Namaste 3~

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