Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 tips for Tranquility

I’ve been enjoying a lot of Kimberly Wilson’s Hip Tranquil Chick blog posts and podcasts lately, and one enty really stuck in my head. She came across a poster that listed 10 fun things and I felt I had to pass them on! What tops new years resolutions to stick to: 1. indulge 2. laugh 3. play 4. nap 5. garden 6. release 7. create 8. listen 9. move 10. nurture I hope you are finding plenty of time to work all the corners of your mind and soul in these ways! Me, I’ve been having a few weeks intense work at the Big Day Out but am looking forward to getting out from behind the desk and having some intense quality time on my mat! Early February I’m taking part in a Simon Low workshop – he is a fantastic Yin Yoga teacher from the UK whom I studied with during my teacher training, so that will cover MOVE and INDULGE. Also in February I commence a writing course, with the Sydney Writer’s Centre, about freelance writing. I have also just handed in my copy for an article in a national magazine – so that is my CREATE part done, and NURTURE is being taken care of as I love writing and actually made a goal this year to foster that writing streak in me. I’m looking forward to taking part in some of these other fun things this year – and hope you are too! On another note, any ideas of what you would like to participate in this year? Some more meditation? Yoga for pregnancy? Inversion workshops? I would love to hear your ideas as I’m planning many more workshops throughout 2007 so let’s get chatting! Namaste stellax

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