Friday, November 24, 2006

It’s Hot!

So summer is well on it’s way here in Sydney – there’s bushfires, there’s humid weather, and there’s snow (yep - thanks global warming!). It also means more flexible bodies, thanks to the heat, and some sweaty practices! It’s interesting to note just how much you have to change your class in the heat – similar to winter, when you need to spend more time warming up. So over the last week with this rush of heat, I’ve been enjoying teaching some more flexible classes – getting people to hold and stretch and go deeeeeper than they may have been able to go a couple of weeks ago. Just walked into the door and am sitting in front of the cool fan, after teaching my 6.30pm Newtown Gym open hatha class. Some new students and regulars made for a mixture of a class – with everyone dealing with the heat extremely well! Tonight's soundtrack: Peace Baby Volume 2 compilation. And this week I’ve been completely inspired at home & work, by the amazing sounds of Broken Social Scene. Tonight's library: Cyndi Lee 'Om Yoga: A guide to daily practice' and 1001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom. Tonight's moves: Bridge, Garudasana, and beautiful Warrior 3. Some nice chest openers to release all the worry from a long working week!Now, go and enjoy your weekend everyone! After working so hard, don’t forget that you’re allowed to have a fun day each week too – it’s all about balance. Icecream on a hot day, yum : )

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