Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yoga around the city Tour – back in action!

It’s amazing how well & fresh you feel after a holiday. I took my first break in 4 years (eek!) and have come back all inspired and excited – I’ve set the date for my yoga workshop (see post below), and have jumped straight back into my Yoga Tour of the City. This weekend I hit my old fave, Yoga Synergy in Newtown. Yoga Synergy is such a challenging and inspiring school and if only I had a regular timetable I would sign up for a course there. Luke was the teacher on Sunday who gently chided me for being absent for so long! It’s a lovely thing when a teacher remembers their students and tracks their progress, and I really admired that. The class itself was fantastic – held in a small school hall, the classes get packed.. the mats are close to one another and therefore the whole atmosphere was really tangible. It was week 7 of the sequence so the class was quite dynamic and fast-paced which suited me perfectly. I also learnt a new pose – when you have a regular practice it’s quite easy to fall into a familiar practice, so I was very excited! Then yesterday I finished up my day early and was able to make it to a $5 lunchtime community class at Samadhi Yoga, again, in Newtown. Sue White is such an amazing teacher and it was great to re-visit her. I did my teacher training at Samadhi but it has been a while since I’ve done a class there and what a welcome back. It was a level 2 class so again was quite dynamic, and as it was Eco-Week at Samadhi, Sue’s lesson plan had lots of inspiring reading and quotes about treading lightly on the earth. THIS is exactly what yoga is about – it’s not just something to do on the mat, so it was a really lovely and thought-provoking class. And it must be the week for new poses – because again, we did a fun pendulum pose with hands on the floor and legs over shoulders… not exactly sure what it was called but it’s the first time I’ve attempted it and it was very energising! That, plus handstands away from the wall, made for a very challenging but enjoyable class! Also, what a space – Samadhi is a beautiful studio with music, chanting, om-ing and bright colours surrounding you. Hope your classes are going just as well dear yogis! Have a beautiful week : )

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joni said...

"a fun pendulum pose with hands on the floor and legs over shoulders?"
sounds quite cirque du soleil-ish to me!

glad to hear you're having a great time visiting old friends :)

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