Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sunday Sunshiney Walks & Yoga

Sunday was a most sunshiney day and what better excuse to hit the beachside than warm weather and a clear blue sky? I took my sister and a friend along for a beautiful walk starting at Bondi Beach and trekking past the Sunday crowds to Waverly Cemetery. It was a pretty brisk walk – there and back we took 70 minutes and ~ boy oh boy! ~ my legs were feeling it the next day! Fantastic preparation for the upcoming City2Surf during August. So while it’s a couple of days late (today is the first day my butt and legs are feeling ‘normal’ again), I’ll definitely be going back to this Yoga Life Article “Yoga Workouts for Walkers”. If you’re a bit of a cement-pounder yourself, have a look at some recommended poses below (click on the link to read the whole article).
Enjoy! 1. The Pose: Forward Bend Good for: Hamstrings and lower back 2. The pose: Crescent Lunge Good for: Hip flexors 3. The pose: Cat pose Good for: Lower back 4. The pose: Plank Good for: Upper-body strength

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