Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shiny Newsletter :: June 06

To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do. Kahlil Gibran

The focus of the month during my classes in the month of June is TRUTH (*satya, in Sanskrit). This is one of the basic philosophies of yoga and during the change of season it’s very timely to remind ourselves of it. Those early morning classes in the frosty weather sure won’t see the same results in our body as an evening class in summer – we really need to adjust our practice to the cold weather, and be aware of our limits. As yoga students we need to be truthful in our awareness of the body and put that ego in check! Rather than succumbing to this frustration with ourselves and the weather, this is the perfect time to explore new and different poses, breath techniques and asana sequences to keep our practice ever-growing and evolving. Change is the only constant: so be inspired by necessity. The other truth to be reminded of is what drew us to yoga in the first place – winter is a good excuse to let your practice fall in a slump. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re finding it a struggle to commit to your energizing practice, take a read of this fantastic and inspiring article from Yoga Journal. Updated timetable… I’ve started another early morning class in Glebe at the gorgeous Life + Balance centre. It’s a 6.30am hour & a half dynamic yoga class – come along and start your day off rejuvenated and full of beans! Other classes remain as usual – check out the schedule! I’ve also started a weekly corporate yoga class at a business in Pyrmont – yoga during the workday lunchbreak (or just before/after work) results in renewed energy and increased productivity for any company. A happy employee with a clear mind and open body is going to be more proactive and approachable, so if this sounds like something your workplace would be interested in, spread the word and contact me for more info! City to Surf for Yogis… Yep, just because you love to pull out the mat and put the body and mind at ease in your yoga practice, doesn’t mean you don’t get loads out of participating in other sports! In fact, a regular yoga practice enables you to get even more from your favourite sporting activity by building bone density, increasing flexibility, improving co-ordination, balance and body awareness. To this end, I’ve signed up with my sister to do the Sydney City to Surf this year – there’ll be no running for me but some fun, energetic walking with beautiful sites along the way! See how yoga works as an accompaniment to other sports right here! Anyone else doing the C2Suf? Shiny Yoga Shop – now open! You may have noticed an extra addition in my open yoga classes lately – the little lavender & satin eye pillows I’ve been handing out for final relaxation! I’ve been busily sewing them up and good news is that due to some great feedback, you’ll be able to purchase your very own eye bag for just $10 (+ postage) from the Shiny Yoga Shop. Simply email me if you wish to pick one up and I can get them out to you asap. I will bring a small number to classes as well which will be available for purchase on the spot too (save on postage). I am also selling some good grip, high quality yoga mats (in a range of colours) for $25 each – stay safe during your practice! There’s a few really interesting workshops and events coming up over the next little while that you may be interested in - Yoga Gravitas in Chippendale is running a Yoga Dance Workshop this weekend. Samadhi Yoga in Newtown are welcoming back popular Jivamukti teacher Alanna from the United States, for a number of workshops during August. And finally, body maintenance studio are holding a free info evening on Monday the 26th June, led by Iyengar teacher Margaret Ceresoli. Titled, What’s the hype about yoga? you can find out what exactly yoga is, where it was developed, and what it can do for you. Perhaps I’ll see you at one of them! Love to hear from you – any thoughts, questions or enquiries. Stay warm and see you all soon! Namaste, stella x

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joni said...

hi stella -

regarding the article on "yoga for runners":

up until recently, i'd been running marathons for many years and never really stretched before and/or after each run. and maybe i was lucky that i never had any injuries directly related to all that long distance running.

but ever since my knee surgery (from a twist-and-fall ski accident) forced me to replace running with yoga, i've been wondering if all this stretching will eventually make a difference when i resume long-distance running.

it's time to test that theory; i recently signed up to run a half marathon in september. i'm building up my mileage once again, and so far, except for the fact that i seem to have lost some of my endurance, i don't see any difference at all in how i feel before or after my run.

we'll just have to see how everything turns out on race day, won't we?

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