Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yoga around the City kicks off!

The tour has hit the road and I couldn't be more excited! It is SO much fun and really inspiring to try out different schools and styles - and as a bonus, I've found some studios that I will definitely commit to doing regular practice at! The first school I treked across the town for was Art of Yoga in Summer Hill, for some anusara yoga. They say anusara yoga is yoga from the inside out and this really does sum it up. it’s all about leading with the heart centre, opening it up, and really bringing yourself into the space, using lots of flow. i really enjoyed the class – and i really got a lot our of challenging myself with a new teacher, and a new studio. The sun was shining, the studio had beautiful bright red doors (lovely!) and a gorgeous big tree out the very front of it which had autumn leaves in red and gold.. it definitely set up the scene for the class and it was a very successful day. I will be back for sure! :) This weekend I found out where an old teacher of mine is now working, and made it to see her at Yoga Gravitas in Chippendale. Wow wow wow! This hatha yoga class with teacher Danielle (see pic) was not like any yoga class I’ve been to before – we spent the first 40 minutes (!) warming the body up, stretching, breathing and finding fluid movement. Yep, not one single sun salute till 40 minutes into the time!! Danielle has a history of contemporary dance (she has also been teaching yoga for 15 years) and this really came across in the class. Most classes I go to really start to move the body through regular Surya Namaskar to build heat and energy, but we took it quite slowly here and held stretches for great lengths of time. I was really surprised to find that I actually was able to move quite deeply into the poses and hold them there – normally I can only do that after moving quite dynamically and warming the body! Again, this confirms just why I love trying out different schools and teachers – you always learn something new and something exciting! Not only was the class great and the teacher amazing, but the studio was gorgeous! Big and spacious with white walls and high ceilings, large windows to let in the bright morning sunshine, and really airy. It was a pretty chilly Sunday morning but we all got down to our singlets pretty quickly and the temperature in the room heated up rather nicely! We also did the arm stretches against the wall → last week I could really feel the stretch in my torso but today, yikes, my arms are feeling it!! Stay tuned for more updates! Namaste, 3~

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