Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I'm Reading (May)

I have been waiting for months for Eat Pray Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert) to be released in Australia, & this week, finally, I picked it up – and haven’t put it down since! I first heard about this little gem when it was the book of the month at Om Yoga in New York (Elizabeth is actually a student at Om). Liz tells of how she goes through a divorce, and deals with the ensuing depression by packing her bags and spending a year overseas – equally divided into 3 countries. She gains weight in Italy, inner peace in India, and a boyfriend in Bali, and learns to love herself and her life again. It’s a pretty amazing story of resilience and it’s very inspiring.

Sometimes in life you can find yourself on a road and the further you travel down that road, you become a bit ‘stuck’. It’s painful and scary to venture off the well worn path but I suppose that’s how we grow and learn, so I’m finding lots of inspiration in this book as well as some interesting yoga stories! The passion here is amazing. Definitely worth a read if you get the chance!

Namaste. x

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