Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time for a happiness makeover?

I love little ‘challenges’, whether they be detoxes of the body or the mind, or de-cluttering the home. I was lucky enough to come across a Body & Mind Challenge online recently, that sets you small tasks to complete over 6 weeks. A lot of our luck in life has much to do with our perception and our frame of mind, so the daily quotes and goals are very inspiring. Take today’s, for example, “Prioritise Happiness”. As the Dalai Lama says "The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life." Following on from his thoughts, the task today is to dedicate as much time as possible today to clear your head – meditation comes in many forms, whether it be taking a walk around the streets, sitting quietly at home, listening to some gentle music, moving through an asana yoga class or just dancing in front of the mirror! What makes you happy? Namaste, x

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Jess said...

Hi there Miss Shiny Yoga.. Well that sounds like a fab book to me!! What have I done to change the world?.. God.. well I should definitely do more but.. well I am a member of Greenpeace and give them money every month, and I try and my positive and happy to everyone I meet.. to spread the joy!!! That's about it I guess... :) xx jess

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