Monday, March 20, 2006

Office Yoga 101

Yoga is made up of 8 limbs, with asana (the physical postures and sequences) being just one 8th of these. This week in my beginners group I led a class focussed on Meditation and Pranayama, and it was quite interesting to see their reactions. Before I taught the class I did a yogalates class myself, as a student, and found some of the breath techniques quite challenging - it was a good reminder that being a ‘new’ student at anything (be it yoga, meditation, pilates, running, reading etc!) can be quite difficult and time consuming. Last week I also was asked to lead a quick 15 minute intro to yoga class at one of the places I work at (a radio station), and boy, was it a challenge! Taking yoga into any corporate workplace can be pretty full on – not least because it’s generally these stressed out types that need it the most but are quite apprehensive about trying it! We did lots of breathing exercises, simple stretches focusing on shoulders and the upper torso that they could do at their desks to release tension, and some visualisation techniques too. After the initial laughing (were they nervous? scared?) it was great to see people taking it seriously and I got many comments afterwards. Hopefully the station will be much more zen yet! : )

Will post up some Desk Yoga 101 tips shortly from the session I did!

Namaste, x

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