Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Force vs. Feeling on the mat

Today is shaping up to be beautiful, sunny, painful, exciting, sleepy, pretty, green, shady, busy, long, early, late, colourful, paper-clip filled. How is your day going? On Sunday I came across a great article from Yoga Journal, about force versus feeling during your practice, and incorporating the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) when on your mat. Check it out below, and have a lovely day! x

“Our world teaches us to succeed by force. In schools and workplaces, we are tacitly encouraged to dominate our peers, to compete in "the struggle for existence," and to climb the corporate ladder by trampling over the heads of others. Somehow, this approach to life is supposed to make us feel successful, happy, and even glorious.

Yoga is the middle way. It means neither acquisition nor denial, neither ego-inflation nor meekness, neither domination nor submission. So how do we, as yoga teachers, help our students find the elusive balance of the middle way in their practice and in their lives?” read more…

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