Thursday, February 02, 2006

would the divine cut down a tree... to make a paper cup?

Julia Butterfly-Hill said this amazing quote and when I first heard it, it really resonated with me. I like to think I'm environmentally conscious and kind, but really, there's a lot more I can do. We are literally killing the earth - cutting down trees to make our takeaway coffee cups, to wrap our sandwiches in, and to do so many other things that we really could do without! Think of how much cling-wrap and paper you pack your daily lunch in, for example? Do you pack your kids school lunches up in it too? These cute little 'bento-type' lunchboxes are a fantastic idea - I'm hooked! Fab little boxes that all fit together in nice bright colours, with cutlery too! How cool! I've been in contact with the owner and I'm going to get some sent out to Australia. Of course American dollars are a wee bit different to our Aussie dollar, but it's so worth it - particularly for something you can re-use over and over and over and over again. If anyone is keen to go in a purchase with me (and hence save on the exxy international shipping costs) just drop me a line and we'll get it happening. Great idea to save the planet! ps - they also have a free email newsletter you might be interested in! Check them out : )

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